Smoked Specialties
Over 63 years of experience in the art of smoking enables us to offer superior products that will provide you, your guests, or customers a proud tradition. Experience the tradition. 

   Smoked Turkeys
Hickory slow-smoked succulent whole turkeys or turkey breasts bursting with juicy
Turkeys: 8-18 lbsTurkey Breasts: 6-12 lbs.

•   Smoked Hams
Hand selected and trimmed, cured with our own low sodium sweet cure. Slow smoked
for 18 hours ensuring optimum flavor. 10 lb to 18 lb.

   Spiral Cut Honey-Glazed Hams
Our smoked ham spiraled around the bone and glazed with our own unique
combination of honey and spices. Outstanding. 
Half Ham: 5-9 lbsWhole Ham: 8-18 lbs

   Smoked Polish Sausage
Dzia Dzia's (Grandfather) 1916 recipe from Poland which has stood the test of time. 
Just the right combination of spices and smoke. Great for appetizers, on the grill,
or on the go. Sold by the lb. 

•   Beef Jerky
Slow smoked using the best beef brisket cuts, our unique blue ribbon process. 
Sold by the lb.

   Steak Jerky
Beef steak cuts slow smoked using our blue ribbon process. Sold by the lb.

•   Beef Bacon
Whole beef brisket hand trimmed and cured. Delicious. Sold by the lb.

   Slab Bacon
Cured and smoked. Sliced to order, with or without rind. Sold by the lb.

   Smoking Services: You catch it or shoot it and we'll smoke it. 
Wild game, fowl, fish, and venison.
Spiral Cut Honey Glazed Ham