Butcher Shop
Experience the tradition of an old world meat market featuring:

A Variety of Deli Meats and Cheeses

Fresh Homemade Sausages - Polish, Italian, Bratwurst

Homemade Smoked Products - Bacon, Beef Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Smoked Polish,
Ham Hocks, Whole Smoked Hams, Whole Smoked Turkeys, Beef Jerkey, Steak Jerkey

Breads, Pastries, and Pierogis from European Bakeries in Chicago

Custom Cut Beef Processing from One Steak to 1/2 Beef, Hind Quarter, Front Quarter.
Pork and Poultry.

Value Meat Boxes at an Exceptional Value: Boxes for All Family Sizes. Meats Are Cut on Site, Freezer Wrapped, and Quick Frozen. You Can View and Print a List of Our Value Boxes and Prices By Clicking The Link Below.

Value Meat Boxes