In 1918, Joseph Ciembronowicz, a European trained sausage maker and Veronica, an astute business woman, married and set out to achieve the American dream. By forging a partnership built on faith, love, family values, and high standards, they established a strong foundation. They started Rockford Sausage in 1930 as a wholesale meat distributor.  With their eldest son Matt,  they built Penguin Food Lockers in 1948.

From their humble beginnings, they passed down their love of the business and (thank goodness) their recipes. In the early years (1948), the major segment of the business was custom beef processing (halves, hind quarters, fronts), whole pigs, and the rental of freezer lockers for food items since very few people had their own freezers. Hence the name Penguin Food Lockers.

The children: Matthew, Edmund, and Bernadette continued their legacy. Today the third generation is continuing the tradition. Through the years, the business has evolved from sausage making, meat processing, and freezer rental to a retail store featuring custom cut meats, deli, smokehouse specialties, family size bulk frozen meat packages, and a full service off site catering operation. We invite you to experience the old world tradition. 
Rockford Sausage Co.  Circa 1946
Joseph Ciembronowicz  (center) 
Deckers Sausage Makers  1910
1st Refrigerated Truck  circa 1941
Joseph and Veronica 1918
Ciembronowicz Family 1949
Ciembronowicz Bridge Dedication - Formally 15th ave. bridge 1980